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Your Bean-to-Cup EXPERIENCES


About our Company

Omnius Kitchen has experience combined with a futuristic innovation. Our products receive top ratings in endurance, comfort and stability while offering excellence in quality and style.

Our customers have always been able to rely on us to meet the high expectations as well as the utmost standards we have set ourselves.

Another aspect we value highly in our company is social responsibility. Omnius Kitchen is always striving to improve its performance without compromising the environment. We have been able to achieve greatest benefits to customers with smallest possible impact on the environment by keeping in mind energy efficiency . Using Eco friendly materials does not only benefit the environment, but also brings out a healthier option for our customers when preparing food. 

Omnius Kitchen has been excluding harmful PFOA/ PTFE and selling materials that can withstand high temperatures without emitting toxic fumes. Our packaging uses more and more recycled materials. Cooking healthy has never been easier!  

Wherever you order from Omnius Kitchen, you can count on excellence in quality and a timeless yet fashionable design. 

 Omnius Kitchen is an ideal partner in the kitchen for everyone who enjoys cooking and eating great, healthy foods!

"Those are the pans we use at {3 -star Michelin-rated restaurant} Alinea. We are going to have the best pans in the world at one the best restaurants in the world"

-Grant Achatz (Alinea Group Chef)

"It's a great machine, very silent, very efficient. I have a simple Jura C5 at home that we love and that's why we decided to order a more pro version for our office.  I've had it for over two years and it is fantastic and has logged in over 2,000 drinks"

-Yuri K. (Verified Happy Customer)

My husband got this for me in honor of {buy your wife a sword} month. I've been working in a professional kitchen for awhile and he decided I needed a "tiny kitchen sword." And that's exactly what this is. The Shun 6 is a gorgeous knife. Crazy sharp straight out of the box, it keeps its edge well with regular honing. It settles into a perfect pinch grip without trying. The balance is lovely, and the light weight makes long prep jobs fly by.

-Kristina Kaufman (Professional Chef)